Let’s have a conversation – About The Need to Belong


July 9


06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Georges Brisset - Life Beginner's Manual

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Wework 575 Fifth Ave

575 5th Avenue Room 22A 22nd floor – Check in as a guest of Blair Arbuckle – Bring Picture ID to access building - Entrance at 5th ave & 47th street, New York, NY 10017

New York, NY, US, 10017

Inspired by Sebastian Junger and his book Tribe, this conversation is about the human need to gather, associate with others and form solid bonds with one another.

Let's talk about our need to belong and discuss solutions to adapt our nature to the demands of modern society.

Suggested questions and starting points

  • What in our psychology and physiology creates this need to belong?

  • What importance belonging or identifying to a group has in forming our own identity?

  • How do we balance the need for personal survival and the commitment to the group

  • Do we need a war or a disaster to become selfless and generous or can we create this state of mind on a regular basis?

  • How can we maintain strong bonds within a group/tribe while avoiding discrimination toward those who do not belong to our group or tribe?

In this 2-hour discussion, we will explore this topic, sharing points of views.

Looking forward to a rewarding conversation with you all. Bring guests and friends.

Your host's take on the human need for connection and how to cultivate it


Great thanks to WeWork, who generously lend us the room for our informal gathering

Entrance at 5th Ave & 47th street – Room 22A 22nd floor – Check in as a guest of  Blair Arbuckle – Bring a Picture ID to access building