Who should you allow to teach you?

Learn from everyone

Your teachers are everywhere.
They are in everything. Make a point of learning from everyone regardless of how you value them, consider them or who they are.

Babies, elderly, teenagers, peers, enemies, ordinary folks, co-workers, bosses, subordinates, faculty, spouses, friends, strangers. Everyone can teach you. Do not overlook opportunities to learn.

Some will teach you from their behavior, actions or words. Some will lecture you, whether they are entitled to do so or not.

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Instructors focus on technique, Masters are centered on growth.

Masters are different. Masters will guide you. Masters are above teachers and often will not correct all your mistakes but rather let you do them and guide you into their understanding. Instructors focus on technique, Masters are centered on growth.

You also learn wrong things from your teachers

Nevertheless, whomever you learn from, remember you learn their knowledge and wisdom but adopt their mistakes and current limitations as well.

Masters, teachers, instructors are also students in another degree.
They too are learning and improving and growing.

Their knowledge grows deeper, higher and larger over time.

But this is exactly why you must exercise caution:

Because at any point in time in the past they were less knowledgeable.

You do not know where in their evolution you are meeting them.
So something they hold for certain today may be less so in the future once they themselves have a deeper understanding of it.

That is why sometimes teachers may appear foolish or incompetent.

There is also the fact that many people do not seek a deeper understanding and therefore do not truly understand what they teach. A sure sign of this is an inability to teach complete beginners who are not already versed in the topic.

Masters are usually aware of these truths and hold themselves accountable at all time. Masters make it easy for the inexperienced and beginners to understand them.

Teachers are a gift

Teachers, regardless of their level, are merely exposing some truths and facts and show the way, your practice and experience will define what to keep and what to weed and only you can construct your own knowledge. That being said, Teachers deserve respect, they take the time and get out of their way to bring you some light. Do not discount that gift.

It is said that cats are great teachers.
They will relentlessly get back to the matter until you get it!