You are here because you seek knowledge of life and try to find peace

I make the assumption you are not new to this.
You tried many things before getting here but are still on the hunt for something with substance.

You may have started to tune out all the noise about how great you are, that you are born to thrive, and that a life of miracles awaits you.

  • You are done replacing past illusions with new dogmas
  • You are here to upgrade your personal development

Me and this site

My name is Georges Brisset and I am here to provide guidance to those who seek to make profound progress in life.
In that order, I have created resources for you:

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My style is an acquired taste

My approach is for skeptical, rational people who seek their inner truth.

  • I like science but take its findings with a grain a salt.
  • I like spirituality but stay away from the unintelligible universe it created.

I use very direct language because you have passed the cuddling stage of personal development and are ready to challenge yourself.

  • I tend to reduce things to their smallest denominator and have little interest for fashionable lingo
  • I live by the principles I preach, apply the rules I recommend, and make mistakes

My content can be dense and may require a few passes to be appreciated.

  • I highly recommend you come back to it after some time has elapsed
  • Your understanding will have evolved and you will discover new meaning to the same text

What you can expect here

There are only three things you need to grow.
You will find all three in my teaching.


  • See what is possible
  • Open your mind
  • Consider new points of view
  • Challenge your status quo


  • Fill your data gaps
  • Clarify your doubts
  • Aswer your questions
  • Understand the underlying reality of many illusions
  • Practice

    • Apply your wisdom through daily practice
    • Support for you to stay motivated

    Welcome to the Manual for Beginners in Life