5 Facts about this blog

1 - No ads

This blog is void of advertisement. The purpose of this blog is to inform you, excite your curiosity, encourage your personal development, and elevate your spirit.

2 - No links

Posts are void of links. I want you to remain focused on the current post. Links are a distraction.

3 - Long posts

Posts tend to explore their topics in depth and although reduced to their smallest expression, may still run for 2500 words. This requires commitment and focus. Hence the absence of links and advertisement.

4 - Original content

Even though this blog is written from scratch using personal research and reflection, often based on personal experience, I am resting on the shoulders of giants. Numerous experts in various fields have also contributed to this blog through their works.

5 - Unusual point of view

I had quite an unconventional upbringing and walk of life. This rich experience led me to see the world from an original perspective and ask different questions. I have a passion for finding the underlying structure of things and breaking them into their smallest denominator.

One more - Reading this blog may put you in danger

You must take this warning seriously.

You are not reading this by chance. You came to this blog and page. You are on a quest.

Up to 90% of mishaps, incidents, and accidents happen without being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Your unconscious and subconscious minds may be aware of truths your conscious mind is firmly denying.
Most of the time we are conscious and under this potentially wrong influence.

  • The unconscious mind is in control of your body.
  • The subconscious mind is in control of your decisions.
  • The conscious mind is in control of your opinions.

When the internal conflict becomes too intense, both unconscious and subconscious may express their voice with actions or decisions that counter the conscious mind's positions.

Reading the disruptive material of this blog may very well trigger inner conflicts between what you may unconsciously know as true and the way you consciously lead your life.

By reading this blog you may expose yourself to

  • Financial harm
  • Psychological harm
  • Physical harm

Omissions and injuries are simple ways to stop a line of conduct. Your mind may want to force you to take a different direction. Please take any unusual sign very seriously because your unconscious mind will relentlessly try to get your attention, increasing the intensity of the incidents at each attempt.

Typical signs of internal conflicts:

  • Misplaced items
  • Forgotten appointments
  • Conversation slips
  • Wrong clicks
  • Unintentional swipes
  • Lost credit cards
  • Clumsy moves
  • Finger cuts
  • Sprained ankles
  • Twisted knees

All the above occurrences are signals that your current situation needs attention.