The Author

My name is Georges Brisset.

I am not a psychologist nor do I have any degree pertaining to the science of the mind. I actually spent little time in school. Back then it seemed to be a real handicap but it happened to be a blessing in disguise. My credentials in the topic of this blog were acquired from real life experience, from when I was really miserable to today, still working at being a better human being.

I was born in France of French parents but I feel more related to New York City, where I live with my wife of 30 years than to any other place. I still have that supposedly charming accent that helps me get away with a lot of things.

My parents struggled with their own life, but although we were often broke, we have never been destitute. They made a living but had no life. They were constantly fighting their own demons. No drugs, a little alcohol, no real abuse. Just a confusing mess where Love was not a currency. I had toys, books and a roof, and never starved or really was in the need. But Life was just not right. Anxiety was rampant. Uncertainty was the only certainty. Love was not exactly there.

On the other hand, my parents were avid readers and we were encouraged to question, explore and learn. I developed a very early passion for learning, solving problems and teaching others but I have been very clumsy at relationships and have disappointed my share of people.


I always sought to get out of my tortured head. A long time ago, I hoped to be able to open my skull like a can, rinse my brain under cold water in a colander and put it back in to start fresh.
If you have ever been depressed you know the feeling.

On the surface, I may have appeared sort of successful. I always worked, got the courage to move to New York, changed career several times, made some money in real estate. My resumé spans over the restaurant industry, IT, education and retail for the most part. I currently trade currencies on the Foreign Exchange with a mitigated success. I have been a Landlord and a Super. I traveled a lot. I practice Martial Arts at the World Martial Arts Center in New York for many years now and consider staying fit a civic duty. I can have a lot of energy.

But the internal struggle always choked me. I stopped counting missed opportunities due to lack of confidence a long time ago.
When it was time for me to test for Black Belt, I found not less than a dozen excuses not to do it before daring face the challenge.


I read a lot, asked questions, listened a lot, explored reasoning, sought advice, observed other people, made an incalculable number of mistakes (and still do). I tried many things, many approaches, in my hope for salvation.


It took time but after a while, things started to be less bleak. The Bad started to fade away. Following the principle of Exponential Growth, the better I felt, the more I was able to do to feel better, and so on. I built on Practices to rebuild myself.

So, although your story cannot be the same as mine, I am sure (actually I know) that what I dug out on my own for my own sake can be useful to you. And I hope it will take you a lot less time than it did take me to get results.

What I present here is the results of decades of research, practice and trials and errors. I have a passion for learning and teaching. I love to bring people to that lightbulb-in-the-head moment.

Although I hope to contribute to the well-being of others through this medium, I have no pretension to be the best at it. Besides, I have my own touch to approach things and I know I may sometimes appear brutal. I hope that will not deter you from studying.

Thank You

Please keep what you like and toss what is not to your use. You will also notice that despite the fact I take the matter seriously I don’t take myself too seriously. I am no Guru and still make mistakes.

I am like you, a student of Life.

Thank You