Praises and feedback for Life Beginner’s Manual

A practical guide to finding happiness

  • How to start your own personal practice
  • The roadblocks on your path to happiness
  • How your mind naturally works against you
  • How to make your mind work for you
  • Plus, more about Georges' personal journey

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 8 reviews
This book will change the way you think about thinking

This book will change the way you think about thinking: it had an immediate, positive effect on my life. I now have a better understanding of my brain and how it works. This understanding has allowed me to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I highly recommend this book.*Originally posted on Google Reads and Barnes & Noble

A truly life-enhancing manual for Better Living!

Life Beginner's Manual is already changing my life for the better, even though I have just read and applied half-a-dozen of the immensely serviceable, inspiring suggestions. Georges Brisset is a superb guide to new truths and classical wisdom.

Thanks Ron
As the author of Peak Learning and The Lifelong Learner, your review means a lot to me.

This Book is a Gift.

A short, simple, and important compendium of our life's struggles - the pursuit of happiness, the fruitless chase of money, of feeling unfulfilled, of feeling lost - that explains kindly, logically, and thoughtfully why we are stuck in our ruts and reveal our self-damaging behavioral patterns, and how we can recognize them and make positive changes.

Coming from humble origins, the author does not assume authority and speaks to you as a friend, as someone who has been there and understands; combining experience and meticulous research to deliver you the answers you need in a thoughtful manner.

I don't usually read self-help books, but this isn't a self-help book. It's a guidance book to shed light and encourage you to take the right steps toward the direction you want to go.

Highly recommend as a gift to students, friends, and loved ones.

by Anne-Marie Coufleau on Life Beginner's Manual - First Edition
Makes neuroscience straightforward. The author totally thinks out of the box

I never thought I would understand neuroscience ever. It always seems complicated and without a practical application.

Life Beginner's Manual made it so straightforward. The divisions of the brain and their functions makes so much sense. It is such a simple theory that explains so much. It is so brilliant it becomes fun to read.It is unbelievable how our own mind works against us. and how our perception of the outside world is distorted by our mind.

The good news is the practice part of the book. Lots of tips and insights on how to improve daily life. Why are we not taught these things in school?

The author totally thinks out of the box - the explanation of the fall of man from Heaven and the Original Sin is quite interesting

*Originally posted on Amazon

by Orlando A. Ortiz Vizcay on Life Beginner's Manual - First Edition
Great reading, highly recommended book!

Amazing book. Very pleasant to read, with an original point of view about human behavior, and how the brain works at any period of our lifetime.

*Originally posted on Amazon

Five Stars

Informative, insightful, and an entertaining read.

*Originally posted on Amazon

by Jacques-Philippe Piverger on Life Beginner's Manual - First Edition
Excellent at deconstructing concepts into their smallest common denominators!

George Brisset does an excellent job of deconstructing concepts into their smallest common denominators.

A favorite example is in his explanation of how gratitude is a key to reverting to our youthful appreciation for time.

Life Beginner's Manual is a quick read with a well above average return on time allocated. I recommend it with no reservation.

A quick and engaging read for life beginners regardless of their age.

Brisset's Life Beginner's Manual provides a wonderful overview of some of the best self-improvement books and processes. It's a quick and engaging read, which includes a short autobiography of his unusual childhood. He explains how our brains work, then provides a survey of proven practices for finding peace and happiness. Although he doesn't mention it, I suspect anyone who follows these practices will also achieve great success along the way.

*Originally posted on Amazon