How long is your year?


Slow Time

Most people say a year is 365 days. Geeks will say a year contains 365.2422 days.
That is not the point here.

Do you remember that it took you forever to go from being 8 years old to being 9 years old?
At that age, time is slow. When I was 8, waiting a week to see friends was excruciatingly long. My ninth birthday belonged to a distant future with no time. It was way too far ahead.
As a contrast, I went from 32 to 33 in a snap.

As adults, we need to slow time. But how do you do that?

By having moments. Mindful moments.

What is a moment?

A moment is when something important is stopping the usual pace. The time elapsed between two given moments can be short or long, but this is irrelevant because the part of the brain that enjoys the moment does not know time. It only jumps from one moment to the next. So the more moments you have, the longer time seems to be.

Moments should not be confused with interruptions and distractions. Moments are instances of awareness. Interruptions and distractions are only making you less mindful

Say someone is plowing through every month, being very busy. This person’s focus is to make ends meet and she/he takes one day a month to pay rent and bills. This person rhythm is stopped for this important day. We would say this person has 12 moments a year.

Let’s take another person. This one does not mind keeping busy all week because partying on Saturday night is the goal. We would say this person has 52 moments a year.

Someone who is looking forward breakfast every day will have 365 moments a year.

Someone who is excited about breakfast every day and reading during commute every workday will have 1,000 moments a year.

When you appreciate breakfast, enjoy the ride to work, make the mid-morning snack a treat, savor lunch, love your workout at the end of the day, dig that movie and look forward a good night of sleep, now you have 2,920 moments in your year. Your year is 243 times more enjoyable than the year of the person in my first example.

Kids can see a new exciting thing every 15 minutes. Their years can have 35,040 moments. It takes kids forever to go through all of them.

How many moments do you have? How can you create more?

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