Gratitude Tree

Gratitude is the Key to Freedom, Love and Happiness. Practice Gratitude everyday.

But who and what should you be grateful for? After all you are the one doing all the work, right?

This is a short view of the world. Everything you have, get, know or use and enjoy has been provided to you by someone else. For the rest (health, wealth, friends, etc. ), you may thank the Universe, the Tao, the Gods, the Buddha for it.


Let me show you how far back you can be Grateful. It can quickly grow into a huge tree

Say you take the bus to work.

The first person you can thank is the bus driver.
That guy got up a lot earlier than you did to be here now.


He went to the bus depot pick up his vehicle, that was gassed, cleaned, serviced by a night crew. How many people worked on that bus before it was even put in motion? An easy 3 to 10 people.


I am not dwelling on the entire company staff that is making the entire thing possible.

Gratitude_tree_DRAWING_passengersDo you think your monthly pass is enough to pay his salary and the cost of the bus and its maintenance? No way.

The other passengers pitched in as well, but not only those who are in the bus today for that ride. Many others took that bus before and after you. Without them you could not afford that ride.

And why that bus can go from point A (your home) to point B (your workplace)? Because some people thoughtfully planned, cleared and build a road for that purpose.
These might be dead by the time you are using it but we have now maintenance crews without which that road would not stay around long.

To ensure your security, engineers and city planners installed traffic signals and traffic police is here to make things running smoothly.

Remove any the above elements and you would be hitch hiking your way to work in no time.

Is that a far fetched example? Sort of.
But you must realize that you are not alone. Take the time everyday to acknowledge how others impact your life. And not only on the bad ways.

Did you worry about any of the above? The gas tank? The road condition? Driving? Traffic?
Certainly not. Someone else was taking care of it for you.


Is that coffee? Smells good! Where did that come from? From that immigrant looking guy in the food truck down the street? What time do you think he got up?

Who grew, harvested, bagged, negotiated, purchased, loaded, shipped, unloaded, bought, resold, packed, trucked, stored, distributed and ground that coffee before that food truck guy brewed it for you?

Where did the paper cup come from?

Take a few minutes and thank them all.

Thank you.