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is identical to the book available for sale in print and for Kindle.

I make it available for free because my goal is to help as many people as possible and some will seek to read it for free anyway.

Unless you will use someone else equipment and paper at no charge, I do not recommend you print this document. Printing and binding it may cost you more than the actual book and it is going to be ugly.

I made that mistake myself, thinking I was beating the system. I only deprived myself of a gift I deserved. You deserve more, believe me.

There is a paradox here: reading the book would help you understand you are worth spending money on yourself but to get there you first have to read the book without paying for it. To break this vicious circle, I give it away.

I will ask you in exchange to leave me some contact information. The goal is to get your feedback on the book after you read it. No spam, easy unsubscribing.

You can still get the real thing on Amazon.

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