Personal transformation

Personal transformation, personal renewal, self-renewal, personal growth, self-help, self-development, self-recovery are all synonyms. Christians and Buddhists call it, respectively, the road to salvation or the path to enlightenment, and the martial arts call it the way.

They are all describing the same thing: the process of voluntary personal growth.
The concept of personal transformation can be puzzling or disturbing: can’t I just have a normal life?
Normal life may not be that satisfying. Many questions remain unanswered. Many events remain mysterious. Normal life leads to believing that good things are coming from the outside. But good things come from the inside.
When normal life is allowing one to avoid annoying questions, evade responsibilities or repress personal enjoyment, many refer to it as ordinary life.

When ordinary life takes precedence, time is filled with distractions and false obligations. No purpose is guiding life, and no plan is ruling the day. This state of things may last until life ends.

Sometimes, a life event triggers a realization of the grip of ordinary life. When this occurs, some people seek their way out of ordinary life and engage in the process of personal transformation. Most often than not, people return to the comfort ordinary life.

The goal of personal transformation is to reverse earlier traumas you may have suffered and cultivate the good inside you so you can lead a more fulfilling and fulfilled life.

Personal transformation takes time. It takes time to implement changes into everyday life. It takes time to get tangible results.

Personal transformation requires action. Nothing will change unless actual action is taken.
Personal transformation requires continuous action: there is no one-time fix. A major event can be the trigger of transformation but will not facilitate any significant change if not acted upon over time. Only daily practice will make transformation lasting.

Personal transformation is not new. It emerged as soon as humans started to think.
Personal transformation is the goal of proper martial arts, honest religious practices, correct yoga and authentic schools of philosophy. Note the adjectives before the said institutions. Because of the nature of survival, people who run organized groups charged with people’s well-being often find themselves assuring their own interests rather than serving their followers.
Personal transformation seems to be new because for a long time only philosophers were concerned with happiness and the meaning of life. The rest were battling to make ends meet.

But democracy, technology, scientific progress, improvement in the quality of life, all that and more, contributed to bringing more people closer to achieving their own happiness, and its geometric progression is unstoppable.

More people will be happier in the future. If you are reading this, you will most likely be one of them.
Personal transformation is a great journey—an internal journey. It could just as easily be called personal discovery. A journey where every new destination is just greater than the previous one.