What you eat is important – it defines a lot of what you are made of. But how you assimilate […]

Chew Food to a Liquid

Human life can be described using five modes. We can lead an enlightened, a driven, a normal, an ordinary, or […]

Life Five Modes

Practical tips for relaxation, connection, and meditation A lot is said about being in the Now, living in the moment, […]

Meditation Tool Box

The Quest   The good things in life come from the inside, not from the outside — Peter Kelder, The Eye […]

The Only Road to Happiness

What you should do, you will not do The S word —should— has many functions. One of them is to […]

What you should do

One can utilize surrounding noise instead of being annoyed or distracted by it. The key is to distinguish, count, identify […]

Using Noise During Meditation

Do you remember that it took you forever to go from being 8 years old to being 9 years old? […]

Slow time

Slow Time Most people say a year is 365 days. Geeks will say a year contains 365.2422 days. That is […]

How long is your year?

Sounds like a Captain Obvious statement. As previously stated, you do not need this blog. But we actually tend to […]

Life is Random

The brain primary function was to manage bodily functions. Little by little, more functions have been added to its job […]

Mind over body

We do not see Reality, we see what we perceive as Reality. Reality has too many details to be recorded […]

We are all blind

The Connection Practice is part of the Personal Practice. The Physical Practice, the Ghost Chasing Practice and the Connection Practice […]

Connection Practice

The Personal Narrative is the story you tell to yourself about yourself. It is the fictional character you created, or […]

The Personal Narrative

The Ghost Chasing Practice is part of the Personal Practice. The Physical Practice, the Ghost Chasing Practice and the Connection […]

Ghost Chasing Practice

We may think a lot of ourselves because we have conquered many diseases, coerced electricity into giving us the Internet […]

We are still Cavemen

Actually this should read: Reality is not perceivable as such, and what we perceive as Reality is a filtered version […]

Reality is an Illusion

Self recovery requires action. Just reading, talking and thinking about it is not sufficient. One of the core principle is […]

Personal Practice

The Physical Practice is part of the Personal Practice. The Physical Practice, the Ghost Chasing Practice and the Connection Practice […]

Physical Practice

William Calvin in his Brief History of the Mind demonstrated that the brain attained its current size and anatomy long […]

History of the Mind

The Triune Brain is a theory from the 60s that tried to model the organization of the brain. It is […]

The Triune Brain

Money exists mostly in our imagination. Yes, there are these green rectangles of paper with round numbers printed on them […]

What is Money

Gratitude is the Key to Freedom, Love and Happiness. Practice Gratitude everyday. But who and what should you be grateful […]

Gratitude Tree

Bill Williams is a psychologist who used his background and personal research to become a successful trader. In his book […]

Life is a Game

Personal transformation, personal renewal, self-renewal, personal growth, self-help, self-development, self-recovery are all synonyms. Christians and Buddhists call it, respectively, the […]

Personal transformation

We often picture Survival as the hero lost in wilderness, facing imminent death or danger. The evocation of Survival skills […]

On Survival

Randomness is the lack of pattern or predictability in events. That is an individual event cannot be predicted, does not […]

On Randomness

The Butterfly Effect is a poetic name to say that in some situations, small changes in initial conditions can lead […]

Butterfly Effect

This chapter contains a bit of math but we will keep it to the basics. Exponential Growth is one of […]

Exponential Growth

Many scientists, psychologists, philosophers and other folks in quest of understanding the Mind came to put in words the intuitive […]

The Divisions of the Mind

Your teachers are everywhere. They are in everything. Make a point of learning from everyone regardless of how you value […]

Your Teachers

My name is Georges Brisset. I am not a psychologist nor do I have any degree pertaining to the science […]

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